Amusement Authority


Every Thursday at 7:00pm at the fairgrounds as weather permits

Contact:   Greg Walz or Bill Ehrman, President                 
PO Box 814
St. Francis, KS 67756

The Amusement Authority's mission is to provide a fun and safe carnival experience at the Cheyenne County Fair.

Members: Bill Ehrman                   
DeEtta Knorr
Kenny Knorr
Geri Lampe
Sam Miller                          
Royce Gienger
Greg Walz
Susie Walz

Bill Wilger                      
Randy Wieck
Charlene Wieck
Erica Wieck

The Amusement Authority is always looking for members. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact one of the above members to find out more details.

Members work throughout the year repairing and upgrading rides and games and preparing the fairgrounds for the Cheyenne County Fair held annually the first weekend in August.

History: Organization of the Cheyenne County Amusement Authority took place in the fall of 1980 with Tom Smull as chairman.  A loan was secured to purchase used carnival equipment and in August of 1981 the first home-owned carnival was held.  Since then, the prices of the rides have not changed:  $.25 - $.50 for rides, depending on the size

Information: The rides for small children include airplanes, kiddie cars, a merry-go-round, and a train. Rides that older kids and adults will enjoy include a Scrambler, Swings, a Ferris Wheel, Tubs, and a Twister. There are more than 10 games are available for everyone to play, including Bingo and Ric-O-Sha.

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Special Meeting of the Governing Body
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