Crooked Creek Angus

I like to tease that Crooked Creek Angus is the result of a 4-H project gone
horribly awry.  In 1995, my parents felt that their money would be better
served in purchasing two Angus heifers rather than a steer whose fate would
be terminal.  That seemingly innocent decision set about a chain of events that
brought us to today.
Born a “feedlot brat,” I spent the majority of my childhood in and around
feedyards scattered throughout western Kansas.  I learned how to count by
keeping a tally, counting cattle as they stepped down from semi-trucks late at
night. It was only with great patience that my grade school teachers convinced
me that the color was indeed black not Angus.
After earning a bachelors degree in Animal Science from Colorado State
University in 2005, I returned to St. Francis, Kansas to pursue my dream.

To raise good cattle for great people.

Since the beginning, Crooked Creek Angus has been deeply rooted in
producing cattle that are functional in their type and kind and, that work in a
commercial setting.   It is my belief that the main goal of a seedstock producer
should be to produce cattle that are problem free.  “Problem free”, is a quick
turn of phrase, but it makes all the difference in whether a cattle producer has
the opportunity to be both profitable and enjoy their daily work.
It is my sincere belief that every bull that bears the “CC Sainty” prefix on
their Registration Certificate has the ability to reduce your labor requirements
and production costs.   Our bulls are able to bring about these changes
because they have been bred and raised to do so.   As you study the pedigrees
on our yearling bulls you will quickly realize that there is a program behind the
bloodlines.  You will not find the latest AI catalog or show winner within the
pedigrees we provide.   Simply put, while enjoyable to look at and talk about,
most of those sires can’t live up to the promises made on their behalf.  Too
many breeders have decided to select their herd sires based on the “bull of the
year,” and the result is inconsistent cattle that largely disappoint.
For the majority of our customers Calving Ease is the number one priority.  I
have never had a customer say that they enjoyed helping their heifers or cows
calve.  Obviously, I am committed to producing low birth weight bulls that can
be used on heifers without concern.  Several of our (now deceased) herd bulls
were, without fail, calving ease sires.  That tradition is continued and built
upon by our younger herd sires.
Dispositions:-  The bulls are comfortable around people and four wheelers.
While they are still bulls (and therefore prone to animal temperament)- they
are as close to gentlemen as a bovine can get.
Structure:-  As a “retired” collegiate livestock judger I find that I am overly
critical of structure and can’t tolerate cattle that are not as mobile as they
should be.  Our bulls are developed with careful consideration of their feet
and legs to extend their seasons of service.
Growth :-  Crooked Creek Angus bulls are continually siring calves that
exceed their owners wildest expectations.  Reports of significant weaning
weight increases are frequent.  Steer calves start small, grow like crazy and
then shut off  at around 1400lbs.

Crooked Creek Angus cattle are guaranteed.

Like you, every spring I receive dozens of sale catalogs.  One of my favorite
hobbies is flipping to the front page and reading the ranch guarantee.  Some
guarantees are outrageous in the conditions and restrictions placed upon  the
customer.    I don’t believe in putting limitations on my customers’
happiness.   The bulls are guaranteed.  If you feel something went wrong that
shouldn’t have, I’m going to make it right.  The bulls at Crooked Creek Angus
will pass a breeding soundness exam performed by Twin Forks Vet Clinic of
Benkelman, Nebraska.  I have aligned myself with Twin Forks because their
veterinarians are absolutely thorough in their examinations.

Bulls and heifers are sold private treaty.

I have always thought, the loud, fast paced and high pressure setting of an
auction was a poor place to make decisions that can have a dramatic and
lasting affect on your business.   Private treaty sales, give me the opportunity
to get to know my customers, and their cow herds.   With this knowledge I can
better assist customers in selecting cattle that will be successful in their cattle

Thank you for your interest in Crooked Creek Angus genetics.  It would be an
honor to earn your business.

-Adam Jones

1575 Road I St. Francis, KS 67756 785-332-6206

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