When do I need a building or razing permit? In general, if you plan to build or replace a fence, run concrete for any purpose including a sidewalk, curb, porch or basement or do anything to your property that will change the structure of a building including constructing, remodeling or removing the structure, you will need a building permit.


  1. After completing an application for a building permit and paying the fee at the City Office, the city superintendent will inspect the property and tentatively approve or deny the permit.
  2. At the next council meeting, the superintendent will present the building permit with his recommendation. The City Council will vote to approve or deny the permit.

For more information see Code Book Chapter 4-207 and Chapter 16-309-310.

Required Fee: The fee for a building permit is $.75 per $1,000 of the estimated cost up to $20,000. The minimum charge is $5.00.
For more information on the fee schedule, see Code Book Chapter 4, section -210.

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