Please check the information for the requirements and fees related to successfully obtaining the necessary license or permit. A general description of the permit or license is given. Detailed information is available in the Code Book or you may get more information at City Hall.

Contact the City Clerk for more information

Commonly Requested Permits and Licenses

When do I need a building or razing permit? In general, if you plan to build or replace a fence, run concrete for any purpose including a sidewalk, curb, porch or basement or do anything to your property that will change the structure of a building including constructing, remodeling or removing the structure, you will need a building permit.


  1. After completing an application for a building permit and paying the fee at the City Office, the city superintendent will inspect the property and tentatively approve or deny the permit.
  2. At the next council meeting, the superintendent will present the building permit with his recommendation. The City Council will vote to approve or deny the permit.

For more information see Code Book Chapter 4-207 and Chapter 16-309-310.

Required Fee: The fee for a building permit is $.75 per $1,000 of the estimated cost up to $20,000. The minimum charge is $5.00.
For more information on the fee schedule, see Code Book Chapter 4, section -210.

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The following is general information for contractors who do business in the City of St. Francis. For more specific information, see the Code Book Chapter 4.

A contractor must procure and maintain a liability insurance policy in the amount of $250,000 for the death or injury of any one person and $500,000 for the death or injury of any number of persons in any one accident and $500,000 for property damage in any one accident. A current copy of the contractor’s policy must be on file at the City Office.

The following codes have been incorporated by the City of St. Francis: Uniform Building Code, 1994 Edition, National Electrical Code of 1993, the Uniform Plumbing Code, 1997 Edition and the 1997 Uniform Housing Code.

Required Fee: No contractor fee is required, but the property owner should have a building permit approved by the City Council before construction starts

Any person engaged in the business of cutting, trimming, pruning, removing, spraying or otherwise treating trees, shrubs or vines or applying herbicides, weedicides, insecticides, fungicides, soil conditions or fertilizers by spraying will need a license from the city clerk. (See Code Book Chapter 5 Article 4 for more information.)

A copy of liability insurance will need to be on file with the City Clerk. Liability insurance showing coverage for all of the operation of the applicant for at least $25,000 for each person injured and not less than $50,000 insurance coverage in case of injury to two or more persons in any one accident and insurance coverage in the sum of not less than $5,000 for property damages. See Code Book Chapter 5, Article 4-405 for more information on insurance.

Required Fee: $25 per year for residents of Cheyenne County and $50 per year for non-residents of Cheyenne County . The license shall be renewable each May 1.

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There are 3 zoning districts in the city limits: business, residential and business/residential.

  • In the business district, only commercial uses are permitted.
  • In areas designated residential, dwellings are to be used only for residential purposes.
  • In the business/residential area, buildings may be used for either business or residential purposes.

See Code Book Chapter 16 for more information.

If a person wishes to use their home for a business, they must complete a “Request for a Variance” form, having at least 80% of their neighbors sign the petition. The variance for a zoning change will be presented to the City Council for their approval. If granted, this zoning change does not transfer to another party in the event of the sale or rental of the property. Forms are available at the City Office.

Required Fee: No fee required.

Unless a mobile home is occupied by the owner, a landlord will need to apply for a mobile home park license each year. (To establish a new park, see Code Book Chapter 4-1008-1023.

After completing an application and paying the license or renewal fee, the application will be presented to the city council for review.

Required Fee: Annual license fees for a mobile home park vary.
See Code Book, Chapter 4-1006 for a complete list of fees.
Request forms for alley or street lights are available at City Hall.
Required Fee: $10.00/month (Code Book-15-302)

Anyone seeking to obtain orders for the purchase of goods, wares, merchandise, foodstuffs, or services of any kind, character or description (see Chapter 5, Article 1 for a complete description) will need a license.

Required Fee: The license fee shall be $50 each day or portion thereof that the licensee operates within the city limits (Annual fee: not more than $250).
Non-county residents shall pay an additional $25 to cover the cost of the investigation of the facts stated in the application.
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Businesses that are renewing an application for a cereal malt license need to complete the State form and pay a license fee of $75 to the City Clerk for each on-the-premise or off-the-premise license.

Cereal Malt Licenses expire on December 31 of each year. License forms and fees must be returned to the City Office before the last council meeting in December in order to be renewed before the December 31 deadline.

For more information on the application procedure for cereal malt license, alcoholic liquor sales or drinking establishment license see the Code Book Chapter 3.

Required Fee: $75.00 for on-the-premise or off-the-premise license

Anyone selling fireworks within the city must obtain a fireworks license before June 25th of the permit year. The location for sales must be at a site that is zoned commercial. Fireworks may be sold from June 27 to July 5 each year.

For more information see Code Book Chapter 7, Article 3.

Required Fee: $25.00 per year

Every dog over six months of age should be registered at City Hall each January. The clerk will also need to see a certificate of immunization against rabies at the time of registration.

For information on what kind of animals are allowed in the city limits, cruelty to animals, noisy animals, the death of animals, impoundment fees for dogs-at-large, vicious and rabid animals, see the Code Book Chapter 2.

Required Fee: $3.00 for each neutered or spayed dog, $10.00 for each un-neutered animal
How many dogs and/or cats can I keep in the city? No person or household shall own or harbor more than three dogs of six months of age or older or more than one litter of pups, or more than three cats of more than six months of age or more than one litter of kittens, or more than a total of five dogs and cats more than six months of age in any combination subject to the limitation of a maximum of three of either of such animal, or engage in the commercial business of breeding, buying, selling, trading, training, or boarding cats or dogs or both cats and dogs. (Ordinance No. 630)
Kennels are not allowed within the City limits of St. Francis.
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