Building Permits & Junked Motor Vehicles

Building Permits

The City Council would like to remind residents and contractors of the contents of City Code Chapter 4 Articles 207 and 208 which pertain to building permits.  Applications for building permits must be submitted to the City Clerk and approved by the City Superintendent and are subject to review and final approval by the City Council before work begins.  Penalties for violation are defined in Chapter 4 Article 216.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Junked Motor Vehicles on Private Property

The City Council would like to remind residents of City Code Chapter 8 Article 3 regarding junked motor vehicles on private property.  It is unlawful for any person to maintain or permit any motor vehicle nuisance within the City. Junked, wrecked, dismantled, inoperative or abandoned vehicles affect the health, safety, and general welfare of citizens. The Council has set a deadline of October 1, 2022, for residents to come into compliance with the ordinance, after which time warning letters and citations will be issued.  Thank you for your cooperation.


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