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Match Month – 2023 Local Campaign

The Cheyenne County Kansas Community Foundation, with the communities support and donations, is hoping to raise $70,000.00 in donations during their annual December Match Month. Donations made to the Cheyenne County Impact Fund during December 2023 have the amazing opportunity to be matched by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation and the Patterson Family Foundation for up to a grand total of $240,000.00!!!

This opportunity provides the following tiers for fund matching:

  • Dane G. Hansen Foundation will match $5,000 for CCKCF Operating Needs +
  • Dane G. Hansen Foundation will match $45,000 for CCKCF Operating Endowment +
  • Dane G. Hansen Foundation will match $1 for $1 (up to $50,000 total) to help grow this county-wide endowment fund. +
  • Patterson Family Foundation will match $1 for $1 (up to $70,000 total) to help grow this county-wide endowment fund. +

For more information please visit or stop by 209 E. Washington.

NCRPC Housing Initiative

The North Central Regional Planning Commission, through its NCRPC Housing Initiative, is offering a pilot program aimed at helping remove dangerous and dilapidated residential structures. The pilot program is a demolition program that offers financial assistance for the demolition of these structures which will improve the visual look of the City and County as well as clearing the property for possible future structures. The program is administered by the North Central Regional Planning Commission through a partnership with the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

For more information on the pilot program please see the attached informational brochure or follow the link below. Also available is the application for the program and the requirements.

Please do not contact the City of St. Francis with any questions regarding the program as we will not be able to assist in this matter.

Donate Your Grain – Bushels Build Dreams

Please donate your grain to 202 on Washington during the 2023 Bushels Build Dreams fundraiser campaign.

The previous 2020 and 2021 donations were successful and raised $7,400.00 to help restore the original historical ceiling in the Hardt Gallery. All donations this year will be designated to replace the acoustical ceiling for the developing community event center in the 202 building.

Here’s how to donate:

·      Deliver grain to a local elevator in the name of Cheyenne Center for Creativity (CC4C), 501(c)(3).

·      The gift should be from unsold crop inventory (not warehouse receipts) with no sale or pricing commitment made prior to the gift.

·      The elevator will notify CC4C of your gift.

·      CC4C will provide you with a receipt for your gift. In lieu of a tax deduction, you will not have to declare this amount of grain as income to your farming operation.

·      Grain donations can also be applied to the CSP Tax Credits awarded to CC4C by the Department of Commerce.

·      Always consult with your tax advisor to determine whether this gift is appropriate for your tax situation.

Accepting Bids for 520 E. Fourth St. Property

Are you looking to purchase land in St. Francis, KS? If so, the City is accepting sealed bids for the property at 520 E. Fourth St. Below is information about the property and the bid process and requirements.

The City of St. Francis is accepting closed bids until August 14th, 2023, at 5:00 pm to purchase the property located at 520 East Fourth Street. The legal description of the property is as follows: Lots Thirty-four (34) and Thirty-five (35) in Block Seventeen (17) in the Park Hill Addition to the City of St. Francis, Kansas, according to the recorded plat thereof.  The proposed bid must include razing of the current structure and basement. For additional details contact City Superintendent Dan Blair at 785-332-4045 or City Hall at 785-332-3142. The bids will be opened during the August 14th Regular City Council Meeting.

Advertisement for bid has also been requested to be published in the Saint Francis Herald & Bird City Times for the July 12th and July 19th publications.

Filing Deadline for Local Office is June 1

The City of St. Francis will have 3 positions up for election in 2023: Two City Council positions currently held by Amanda Milne and David Butler, and the City Mayor position held by Scott Schultz. Those wanting to file for any of these positions need to do so by June 1 at noon with the Cheyenne County Election Officer Scott Houtman:

  • Email:
  • Hours:     8:00-12:00 1:00-5:00
  • Phone:   785-332-8800
  • Fax:          785-332-8825
  • Address1:              212 E Washington
  • City, State, Zip:    St Francis,  KS  67756

The general election will be held November 7 and those elected will take office on January 8, 2024.

Download the 2023 Candidates Guide at

St. Francis Swim Lesson Registration

St. Francis Aquatic Park is happy to announce its 2023 Swim Lesson schedule.

Swim lessons are offered by instructor, Morgan Sherlock, and certified by the American Red Cross.

There will be two swim lesson sessions offered for $35 per participant per session.

Session 1: June 12th-16 and June 19th-23rd

Session 2: July 10th-14th and 17th-21st

Please call or text Morgan Sherlock at (785) 772-7014 for additional registration information. Informational Flyer and Registration Application attached.

Story Hour @ the Library

St. Francis Public Library would like to invite children up to Pre-K, to join them the 1st and 3rd Wednesday afternoons from 3:30pm – 4:20pm, starting in April, for Story Hour, lead by Terri Finley. The library will have stories to read, crafts to do, and snacks for the children. It is asked that parents with children 2 years of age or younger, remain with your children during the activities. If you would like further information or sign up your child, please contact the St. Francis Library @ 785-332-3292. 

You may also download the flyer with information from the link below.×1024.png

Senior Center Lunch

The St. Francis Senior Center is open for lunch!

Lunch for seniors 60 years or older is $3.50, and anyone under 60 is $6.50.

The great people at the St. Francis Senior Center is serving lunch to the public every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. They request that anyone that is wanting to attend please RSVP by contacting them at 785-332-2945.

Snow and Ice – City Ordinance

The Council would like to remind everyone of the City Ordinance regarding the snow and ice through the winter. Please be mindful of where you are putting your snow.

13-401 SNOW AND ICE TO BE REMOVED- (a) It shall be unlawful for the owner and/or the occupant of any lots abutting upon any sidewalks to fail to cause to be removed from such sidewalks all snow and ice within 12 hours from the time that the snow fall or ice storm ceases. If the snow falls or ice accumulates upon the sidewalks in the nighttime, removal of same must be made within 12 hours after sunrise on the following day.
(b) It shall be unlawful for any person to place snow removed from private property upon any public street, alley or sidewalk.
(Code 1994; Code 2003; Code 2015)
13-402 SAME: EXCEPTION; ALTERNATE REMEDY- Where there shall be ice or compacted snow on any such sidewalk of such a character as to make it practically impossible to remove the same, the sprinkling of ashes, sand or other noncorrosive chemicals on the accumulation of ice or snow in such a manner as to make such sidewalk reasonably safe for pedestrian travel shall be deemed a sufficient compliance with the provisions of this ordinance until the ice or snow can be removed.
(Code 1994; Code 2003; Code 2015)
13-403 SAME; PENALTY- That any person violating the provisions of Section 13-401 shall, upon conviction, be fined $25.
(Code 1994; Code 2003; Code 2015)
13-404 REMOVAL MAY BE MADE BY CITY- If any owner or occupant of any lot or lots shall refuse or neglect to clean or remove from the sidewalk abutting the lot or lots all snow and ice within the time specified, the city may cause such snow and ice to be removed from sidewalks and the cost thereof shall be assessed against such abutting lot or lots, and the city clerk shall certify the same to the county clerk for collection as provided by law.
(Code 1994; Code 2003; Code 2015)
13-405 COSTS ON TAX ROLLS- The city clerk shall, at the time of certifying other city taxes to the county clerk, certify the unpaid costs for removal of snow or ice performed under the authority of Section 13-404 and the county clerk shall extend the same on the tax roll of the county against the lot or parcel of ground. The cost of such work shall be paid from the general fund or other proper fund of the city, and such fund shall be reimbursed when payments therefor are received or when such assessments are collected and received by the city.
(Code 1994; Code 2003; Code 2015)

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