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Building Permits & Junked Motor Vehicles

Building Permits

The City Council would like to remind residents and contractors of the contents of City Code Chapter 4 Articles 207 and 208 which pertain to building permits.  Applications for building permits must be submitted to the City Clerk and approved by the City Superintendent and are subject to review and final approval by the City Council before work begins.  Penalties for violation are defined in Chapter 4 Article 216.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Junked Motor Vehicles on Private Property

The City Council would like to remind residents of City Code Chapter 8 Article 3 regarding junked motor vehicles on private property.  It is unlawful for any person to maintain or permit any motor vehicle nuisance within the City. Junked, wrecked, dismantled, inoperative or abandoned vehicles affect the health, safety, and general welfare of citizens. The Council has set a deadline of October 1, 2022, for residents to come into compliance with the ordinance, after which time warning letters and citations will be issued.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Performance Public Hearing Notice

The City of St. Francis will hold a public hearing on Monday, July 11, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall 209 E. Washington Street, St. Francis, KS for the purpose of evaluating the performance of Grant Agreement Number 20-PF-014.  The CDBG application proposed was for street system improvement. Locations included: Scott St. removed and replaced with 6″ thick concrete , Benton Street – removed and replaced with 6″ Thick Asphalt within existing curb and gutter, replaced broken curb and gutter sections, Denison Street  – Removed & replaced with 6″ thick asphalt from Spencer to Emerson within existing curb & gutter, replaced broken curb and gutter sections, Emerson to Whittier – 2″ Mill and overlay asphalt within curb & gutter, replaced broken curb and gutter sections, Frances Street – removed and replaced with 6″ thick asphalt within existing curb and gutter, replaced broken curb and gutter sections, Frances Street (First to First St.) – Removed & Replaced with 6″ thick concrete, Parkway Drive removed & replaced 8′ wide center section with 6″ thick concrete. The project was funded, all or in part, from the Kansas Department of Commerce, Small Cities Community Development Block Grant funds.  All aspects of the grant will be discussed, and oral and written comments will be recorded and become a part of the City of St. Francis CDBG Citizen Participation Plan.  Reasonable accommodations are available for persons needing assistance.  Requests for accommodations should be submitted to Lila Whitmore, City Clerk, by Friday, July 8, 2022.

Goodwill Donation Drive

Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska is having a donation drive in St. Francis, Kansas beginning after noon on Friday, October 15, 2021 and continuing daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. until noon on Friday, October 22, 2021, or until the trailer is full.  People living in St. Francis Kansas and the surrounding area can drop off their donations at the Goodwill Donation Trailer parked at the Community Recycling Center.

Virtually anything in your home or garage that you no longer use is accepted; clothing, household items, shoes, boots, purses, belts, hats, books, computers, printers, monitors and all computer accessories can be placed inside the Goodwill trailer. Due to limited storage space, furniture, televisions and large appliances are not accepted. Tax donation receipts are available at the trailer.

Goodwill appreciates the generosity of the people of St. Francis and the surrounding area. Revenue generated through the sale of donated items at Goodwill’s retail stores supports services for people.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska’s mission is to help people with disabilities or barriers achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. The organization fulfills this mission every day by supporting people to find jobs that match their talents and gifts, teaching skills leading to increased independence, helping people through the process of recovery and empowering people to focus on their strengths and abilities rather than a diagnosis or disability.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska Inc. serves 55 counties in Central and Western Nebraska. Goodwill serves over 1,600 people every year. Donation centers/retail stores are located in Columbus, Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, Lexington, North Platte and Scottsbluff. Service office locations are located in Columbus, Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, Lexington, North Platte and McCook.

For questions please contact Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska, Inc. at (308) 384-7896.

Performance Public Hearing

The City of St. Francis will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at the City Council Chambers of City Hall, 209 E. Washington, St. Francis, Kansas, for the purpose of considering an application to be submitted to the Kansas Department of Commerce for Small Cities Community Development Block Grant funds under the Community Facilities category. A specific project application to be discussed is street system improvement project in an area generally bounded by the City of St. Francis, Kansas. The project will consist of using a combination of full depth pavement replacement, mill & overlay, and keeping the existing curb and gutter in the identified streets listed below:

  • Whittier Street – Quincy Street to Scott Street
  • Frances Street – Spencer St. to Washington St. & Emerson St. to North St.
  • Webster Street – Frances Street to College Street
  • Quincy Street – Highway 36 to First Street
  • College Street – Highway 36 to Spencer Street

The budget includes staking, mobilization, and traffic control. The estimated project cost is $1,081,920 with the grant request for $600,000 of the project cost. Other project proposals introduced at the hearing will be considered.  Oral and written comments will be recorded and become part of the City of St. Francis’ CDBG citizen participation program. Reasonable accommodations will be made available to persons with disabilities.  Requests should be submitted to Lila Whitmore, City Clerk, by Friday, October 8, 2021.

City Receives Donation

A local farmer who wishes to remain anonymous recently directed a $2,500 Bayer Fund America’s Farmers Grow Communities donation to the City of St. Francis. The City of St. Francis will use the funds to make improvements to the Bandshell at Sawhill Park.

“The City of St. Francis would like to thank the local farmer who made this donation possible.  The historic Bandshell is the centerpiece of Sawhill Park and is a unique asset for our community.  It is often the site of various events and functions, including weddings and concerts. The donation will be added to the Bandshell Fund which is designated for future improvements to the Bandshell”, said Lila Whitmore, St. Francis City Clerk.

Since 2010, the America’s Farmers programs have awarded more than $59 million to nonprofits, aspiring ag students and public schools across rural America. Farmers are leaders in their communities, which is why America’s Farmers programs rely on them to help identify the most worthy causes.

Dedicated to making a difference in rural farming communities, the Grow Communities program asks farmers across the country to participate by nominating nonprofit organizations with resources to strengthen their local communities. Last August, farmers entered for the chance to direct a $2,500 Grow Communities donation to a local eligible nonprofit of their choice. Farmers have directed donations to food banks, emergency response organizations, schools, youth agriculture programs and many others that reflect the spirit and support the vibrancy of rural America.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, including those in rural regions, and farmers play a critical role in helping communities overcome challenges, like the ones we’re currently facing” said Al Mitchell, Bayer Fund president. “Bayer Fund is proud to work side-by-side with farmers to identify local eligible nonprofit organizations that are able to provide their residents with solutions that leave a lasting impact.”

To learn more about how America’s Farmers programs are making an impact, visit

About Bayer Fund

Bayer Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the communities where Bayer customers and employees live and work by providing funding for food and nutrition, education and community development projects.

Street Improvements Begin

July 21, 2021 – The Street Improvements Phase 1 project has begun! This $1.2 Million project was funded in part by a Community Development Block Grant of $600,000. The remaining cost is funded by General Obligation Bonds with a portion of the 1% local sales tax going towards repayment of the bonds.

Below is a map of the streets being repaired/updated in phase 1:

Benton: Spencer to Emerson

Denison: Spencer to Whittier

Frances: Second to First

Frances: Washington to Emerson

Parkway Drive: Fourth to Frances

Scott: Whittier to North