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Snow and Ice – City Ordinance

The Council would like to remind everyone of the City Ordinance regarding the snow and ice through the winter. Please be mindful of where you are putting your snow.

13-401 SNOW AND ICE TO BE REMOVED- (a) It shall be unlawful for the owner and/or the occupant of any lots abutting upon any sidewalks to fail to cause to be removed from such sidewalks all snow and ice within 12 hours from the time that the snow fall or ice storm ceases. If the snow falls or ice accumulates upon the sidewalks in the nighttime, removal of same must be made within 12 hours after sunrise on the following day.
(b) It shall be unlawful for any person to place snow removed from private property upon any public street, alley or sidewalk.
(Code 1994; Code 2003; Code 2015)
13-402 SAME: EXCEPTION; ALTERNATE REMEDY- Where there shall be ice or compacted snow on any such sidewalk of such a character as to make it practically impossible to remove the same, the sprinkling of ashes, sand or other noncorrosive chemicals on the accumulation of ice or snow in such a manner as to make such sidewalk reasonably safe for pedestrian travel shall be deemed a sufficient compliance with the provisions of this ordinance until the ice or snow can be removed.
(Code 1994; Code 2003; Code 2015)
13-403 SAME; PENALTY- That any person violating the provisions of Section 13-401 shall, upon conviction, be fined $25.
(Code 1994; Code 2003; Code 2015)
13-404 REMOVAL MAY BE MADE BY CITY- If any owner or occupant of any lot or lots shall refuse or neglect to clean or remove from the sidewalk abutting the lot or lots all snow and ice within the time specified, the city may cause such snow and ice to be removed from sidewalks and the cost thereof shall be assessed against such abutting lot or lots, and the city clerk shall certify the same to the county clerk for collection as provided by law.
(Code 1994; Code 2003; Code 2015)
13-405 COSTS ON TAX ROLLS- The city clerk shall, at the time of certifying other city taxes to the county clerk, certify the unpaid costs for removal of snow or ice performed under the authority of Section 13-404 and the county clerk shall extend the same on the tax roll of the county against the lot or parcel of ground. The cost of such work shall be paid from the general fund or other proper fund of the city, and such fund shall be reimbursed when payments therefor are received or when such assessments are collected and received by the city.
(Code 1994; Code 2003; Code 2015)

Story Hour – “Fun on the Farm”

St. Francis Public Library would like to invite children, ages 3 years old – Pre-K, to join them Wednesday mornings from 10am – 11am, starting February 8th to March 8th, for Story Hour. The library’s theme is “Fun on the Farm” for this month. 

If you would like further information or sign up your child, please contact Penny Geinger @ 785-332-6448. 

City Fall Clean Up Week

City Fall Clean Up Week

The City Council has chosen to once again put on the Fall Clean Up and this year it is limited to the clean up of tree branches that you may have cut down or have fallen down but have not been removed yet. If you would like the city to assist you in hauling the branches away, contact City Hall @ 785-322-3142. The last day to call in to be placed on the list is October 21st. The city crew will be starting to collect on October 24th for those that have signed up.

The tree branches must be ready for pick up and placed in an accessible location either on the street side or the alley side of your property. The branches cannot be in any enclosures or behind fences as the city crew will possibly need to use equipment to haul them off.

City Receives Donation

A local farmer who wishes to remain anonymous recently directed a $2,500 Bayer Fund America’s Farmers Grow Communities donation to the City of St. Francis. The City of St. Francis will use the funds to make improvements to the Bandshell at Sawhill Park.

“The City of St. Francis would like to thank the local farmer who made this donation possible.  The historic Bandshell is the centerpiece of Sawhill Park and is a unique asset for our community.  It is often the site of various events and functions, including weddings and concerts. The donation will be added to the Bandshell Fund which is designated for future improvements to the Bandshell”, said Lila Whitmore, St. Francis City Clerk.

Since 2010, the America’s Farmers programs have awarded more than $59 million to nonprofits, aspiring ag students and public schools across rural America. Farmers are leaders in their communities, which is why America’s Farmers programs rely on them to help identify the most worthy causes.

Dedicated to making a difference in rural farming communities, the Grow Communities program asks farmers across the country to participate by nominating nonprofit organizations with resources to strengthen their local communities. Last August, farmers entered for the chance to direct a $2,500 Grow Communities donation to a local eligible nonprofit of their choice. Farmers have directed donations to food banks, emergency response organizations, schools, youth agriculture programs and many others that reflect the spirit and support the vibrancy of rural America.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, including those in rural regions, and farmers play a critical role in helping communities overcome challenges, like the ones we’re currently facing” said Al Mitchell, Bayer Fund president. “Bayer Fund is proud to work side-by-side with farmers to identify local eligible nonprofit organizations that are able to provide their residents with solutions that leave a lasting impact.”

To learn more about how America’s Farmers programs are making an impact, visit

About Bayer Fund

Bayer Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the communities where Bayer customers and employees live and work by providing funding for food and nutrition, education and community development projects.

Important Roofing Contractor Information

The Kansas Roofing Registration Act was enacted by the Kansas Legislature and signed by the Governor on April 22, 2013. Under the provisions of this law, on and after July 1, 2013, every “roofing contractor” must obtain a roofing contractor registration certificate from the Kansas Attorney General in order to legally provide commercial or residential roofing services for a fee in Kansas.

Homeowners are encouraged to reference the following website for a listing of roofing contractors who have completed the registration requirements pursuant to the Kansas roofing registration act, or contact the Attorney General’s office at (800) 432-2310 for further questions:

In addition to the registration certificate, before soliciting door to door roofing contractors must obtain a Peddler’s License issued by the City of St. Francis, which includes a background check and proof of insurance.

Here are some helpful tips to protect yourself from fraudulent door-to-door sales:

  • Never let a salesperson into your home unless you are sure of who they are and why they are there.
  • Ask to see their peddler’s license, it is required by your local city government.
  • Ask for written information on the company and salesperson and take plenty of time to read it and shop around, rather than making a purchasing decision on-the-spot. A legitimate salesperson will be happy to leave their business card and come back if you decide to make a purchase.
  • If the salesperson says it is a special deal for “today only,” it’s probably too good to be true.
  • Never pay for door-to-door purchases with cash. When possible, use a credit card, which will allow you to cancel or dispute the charge.