Donate Your Grain – Bushels Build Dreams

Please donate your grain to 202 on Washington during the 2023 Bushels Build Dreams fundraiser campaign.

The previous 2020 and 2021 donations were successful and raised $7,400.00 to help restore the original historical ceiling in the Hardt Gallery. All donations this year will be designated to replace the acoustical ceiling for the developing community event center in the 202 building.

Here’s how to donate:

·      Deliver grain to a local elevator in the name of Cheyenne Center for Creativity (CC4C), 501(c)(3).

·      The gift should be from unsold crop inventory (not warehouse receipts) with no sale or pricing commitment made prior to the gift.

·      The elevator will notify CC4C of your gift.

·      CC4C will provide you with a receipt for your gift. In lieu of a tax deduction, you will not have to declare this amount of grain as income to your farming operation.

·      Grain donations can also be applied to the CSP Tax Credits awarded to CC4C by the Department of Commerce.

·      Always consult with your tax advisor to determine whether this gift is appropriate for your tax situation.


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